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    Walking on Water: Experiencing a Life Miracles, Courageous Faith and Union with God by Jennifer A. Miskov

    ISBN: 9780800798512
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    Peter never set out to walk on water. He didn't attend a special seminar or school; he just loved Jesus and wanted to be closer to Him. No matter the storm, no matter the danger, he wanted Jesus more.

    Love compelled Peter to step out of the boat and into the impossible--and love can do the same for you.

    With fresh biblical insight and immediate life application, author and teacher Jennifer Miskov shows that when your deepest desire is to fall more in love with Jesus, a life of courageous faith, bold action and astounding miracles comes naturally. She shares how to experience the unrelenting, extravagant love of Jesus and how to pursue Him with the same passion. You will be inspired to let go of what's safe and step into the impossible--because when we know we are loved, we will do anything.

    The wind and the waves will come. But as you keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and step out in faith to be closer to Him, you will see Him do the impossible on your behalf.

    “I want to encourage you to consider reading a book, Walking on Water by Jennifer Miskov. The heart that Jennifer has is to bring us into a place of real first love relationship with Jesus. This book is a challenge to walk in the impossible. She does a brilliant job in her own lifestyle and in writing in connecting a life of the impossible with intimacy with God. My prayer is that in reading this, God would deeply impact you, me, all of us in our affection for Jesus, our drawing near, and trusting Him to see Him invade the things are that absolutely impossible. That’s my prayer, that’s my blessing. I encourage you to pick up this book.”

    Bill Johnson, pastor of Bethel Church Redding

    Walking on Water was written by one of my awesome spiritual daughters. As you open wide to receive her message, you will be marked by God's great love. Jesus is so worth our yes. He is longing for all of our worship. I bless you to be ignited for a fresh fire for intimacy with Jesus as you embark on this journey with the Holy Spirit in Walking on Water.

    Heidi Baker, founding director, Iris Global