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    Authors: Irene Howat

    Ten Boys Who Didn't Give in by Irene Howat

    ISBN: 9781845500351
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    Why do we look for heroes in books or films? Is it that in our lives we are always doing what is convenient and so admire the people who show character and resolve to do the best thing, no matter what the cost? These ten boys grew up to become men who didn't 'give in'.

    Living as God would want was difficult for them but they chose to do the right thing instead of the easy thing. Would you give in- or would you fight?

    Polycarp was freed from slavery but then gave up that freedom for faith; Roman soldiers are after Alban but he still refused to bow down to their gods; John Oldcastle used his home as a hlding place but would not hide his faith; Cranmer was afraid of death but finally feared cowardice more; George Wishart was thrown in prison but it just gave him new people to speak to about Jesus; James Chaimers took the gospel to cannibals, whatever the danger; Dietrich Bonhoffer lived when people wouldn't speak out against the Nazis but he would not be silent; Nate Saint flew into danger and never came back again; Ivan Moiseyev obeyed his Soviet commanders but still put God first; Graham Staines lived to help leprosy patients, but died with his children at the hands of extremists.

    Format Mass Market/Compact Softcover
    Author Irene Howat
    Series Lightkeepers