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    Authors: Winkie Pratney

    NKJV Revival Study Bible by William (Winkie) Pratney, Tamara S. Winslow, Steve Hill

    ISBN: 9789814270113
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    •  Over 100 contributors
    • Over 1,800 articles and study notes by renowned revivalists, evangelists, and missionaries from all over the world
    • Extracts from key sermons preached
    • Biographies of great revivalists
    • Personal testimonies of enduring faith, devotion, and miracles
    • Insights and principles of transformation and revival
    • Revival accounts and historical summaries of revival acts of God
    • A unique Revival Chain Reference System
    The Urgent Need for Revival!

    We are living in the end times. The need for revival has never been more urgent! There is a need to see lives, churches and communities transformed and renewed, as well as the Great Commission fulfilled. The Revival Study Bible is made available for this purpose.It acts as a catalyst for stimulating personal and church revival.

    It will:

    • inspire hearts to walk in close fellowship with God under the empowering of the Holy Spirit
    • convict souls of sin and to live holy lives
    • call all to repentance and worship the true and living God
    • bring healing and restoration to broken hearts
    • quicken hearts to arise with passion to share Christ and to reap a mighty harvest
    • prompt men and women of God to fast and pray

    The Revival Study Bible takes a close look at revivals that draw men to God’s work in breathing new life into the Church. This unique Bible covers rich Christian history spanning over 2,000 years of God’s acts that center around revival, missions, and evangelism. It also gives inspiring accounts of supernatural, miraculous, and prevailing acts of the Lord. Emphasizing passion and action and not just data, this dynamic Bible gives an international flavor drawn from active, tested, and fruitful ministries involved in ongoing awakening.

    Who is The Revival Study Bible for?

    The Revival Study Bible is for church leaders, families, men and women who desire to live a life abandoned to the will of God, and who aspire to be of pleasing use to Him.

    More about The Revival Study Bible

    Featuring over 100 contributors, The Revival Study Bible showcases over 1,800 articles and study notes by renowned revivalists, evangelists, and missionaries from Asia and all over the world, including those who have completed their earthly journey. Articles and study notes touch on many people and places of revival. Initials at the end of each note and article indicate its author. As we examine various characteristics that weave the tapestry of genuine spiritual revivals, several categories further illustrate the intricacies of the mystery of worldwide revival in the past, present, and future. These categories are keyed with symbols to set them apart from the Bible text and will be expounded in the following pages.

    Leather cover 9789814270113

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