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    Authors: St Mary's Press

    NRSV: The Catholic Youth Bible International 4th Ed. by St Mary's Press

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    ISBN: 9781641210690
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    The Catholic Youth Bible®, 4th International Edition, has a colourful and engaging design that invites Catholic secondary students to encounter and engage with the Word of God. It’s a rich companion to any young person’s faith journey.

    Filled with stunning, full-colour visuals and intentional, reflective spaces that allow young people to annotate and personalise their Bible.  It’s also packed with features to help them get to know God and dig into the ‘whys’ of understanding Church teachings.

    In short, young people will be better able to connect the dots between Scripture, their relationship with God, and how they live their Catholic faith.

    The 4th edition builds on the heritage features you’ve come to know and love and introduces new features that will touch young hearts and open young minds to the wonders of God’s love and importance that the Catholic faith can have in their lives.

    What’s New in the Catholic Youth Bible®, 4th International NRSV edition?

    Create a Lived Faith…

    We know that faith means little unless it is lived. So new Challenge sections encourage young people to bring the Scriptures to life through specific, suggested actions!

    Interact with Scripture…

    In Scripture Highlights, inspirational verses are featured to offer an opportunity to reflect and are designed so students can colour them in!

    Nourish Relationships…

    The Searching for God feature offers reflections and prayers that focus specifically on aspects of our relationship with God, and the Who Is My Neighbor? feature focus on our relationship and responsibility to others as a Christian community.

    Explore the Bible…

    Young people can explore the Scripture easily with themed Reading Plans, as well as When I'm Feeling verses that help youth explore what the Bible might say to them about their own life experiences and feelings.

    Navigate with Confidence…

    Easy-to-use navigation enables faster Scripture reading for youth at all levels of Biblical knowledge and literacy.

    PLUS all the elements you want in a meaningful study Bible for young Catholics.

    The Catholic Youth Bible® still features elements you know and love.

    Catholic Connection articles that provide a more complete presentation of scripturally-based Catholic beliefs and practices and address the principles of Catholic social teaching.

    Introductions to the major sections of the Bible. All the books of the Catholic Bible are supported with illustrations throughout to provide a visual context for key biblical stories.

    Did You Know? insights into how the Church has interpreted key Scripture passages throughout history.

    Being Catholic guides young people to the core beliefs, attitudes, practices, spirituality and prayers.

    Special Indexes: Sunday readings for cycles A, B, and C; 10 colour maps; a four-page Biblical history timeline; a glossary of Scripture related terms; and a topic index.

    All these are supported with nearly 300 articles that reflect contemporary issues, cultural connections, biblical scholarship, and Catholic social teachings.

    …And more!

    Discover the Catholic Youth Bible®, 4th International Edition, yourself. It has that contemporary look that is sure to entice young people to explore God's Word in a whole new way.


    “The 4th edition of The Catholic Youth Bible® has a contemporary look that is sure to entice young people to explore God's Word in a whole new way. The new Challenge and Scripture Highlights features will encourage readers to put faith into action by incorporating core Bible themes into daily life. This edition of The Catholic Youth Bible® is the best yet!”

    I am excited…

    “I love the four-colour design! It immediately captures my attention. The artwork at the beginning of each book is beautiful. It cultivates curiosity about the book, captures the essence of the book, and could be used as a prayer reflection as in visio divina. A big difference I notice in the th edition of The Catholic Youth Bible® is the extensive footnotes.

    As a high school religion teacher, helping students understand the depth of Scripture can be challenging. The footnotes create opportunities to take students deeper and help them see connections to other sections of the Bible and other passages. The Catholic Connections feature stands out as a useful tool for class beyond Scripture. They anchor specific Catholic teachings in sacred Scripture.

    Finally, the How Is This Relevant to My Life Today? speaks directly to young people. This is precisely the question they ask of Scripture. Making the connection quickly will engage young readers. I am excited to engage young people in my classroom through The Catholic Youth Bible®.”

    Wonderfully Engaging…

    “The 4th edition of The Catholic Youth Bible® is excellent. The first noticeable difference is the use of four colours throughout the Bible in the illustrations and to draw attention to the side articles and activities. The colours are eye catching and draw one’s interest to the supplemental text and resources included in the Bible

    The side articles, Scripture explanations, and challenges are very well done. They are short enough to keep today’s student’s attention but give enough information to enhance one’s understanding of the Scripture and reflect on how it applies to life today.

    A wonderfully engaging Bible, not just for youth, but for everyone!”