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    Messiah's Fragrance Anointing Oil

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    • God instructed Moses to make holy anointing oil with Cassia, Myrrh, Frankincense, Calamus and olive oil (Exodus 30:23-33). Myrrh and Cassia were highly valued in ancient times as perfumes and more. Cassia is a dried bark similar to cinnamon, and also a popular spice. Myrrh is a tree's aromatic resin, used for embalming and in the making of sacred temple incense. A gift of the Wise Men to Jesus on His birth, it is still used for holy purposes.
    • THE NEW JERUSALEM HOLY ANOINTING OILS. Based in Israel, we get our EVOO from a local press that uses olive trees grown in Jerusalem and the Judea Mountains. We only add 100% natural essential oils & fragrances. In our workshop, ingredients are mixed and bottled by hand to make high quality anointing oil. We don the Tallit to bless the clear/blue 7.5, 10, 30, 100, 250ml bottles before shipment, hoping to help rebuild the spiritual wall of hearts, temples of intimacy with God
    • Anointing with oils is frequently mentioned in the Bible. In Exodus 30:23-33 God instructs Moses to mix olive oil with 4 aromatic ingredients to make a holy anointing oil, used to honor, empower or sanctify priests, prophets and kings, and to dedicate objects for sacred purposes. Many Christian churches (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox etc.) still use holy anointing oils, symbol of the Holy Spirit, in important ceremonies. Both the Greek 'Christ' and the Hebrew 'Messiah' mean 'the Anointed One'.
    • A favorite souvenir from the Holy Land, handmade in Israel with care, our blessed anointing oils are also a devotional gift of love fit for ministers/clergy, and religious organizations. Ancient Bible scents facilitate spiritual practice and worship, inspiring prayer, deap meditation and inner peace. Oil is traditionally applied on the skin of hands, forehead etc. for anointment, but it can also be used in a diffuser to purify and create a wholesome atmosphere
    • Natural scented oils, used for blessing, prayer, offering, and religious ritual since antiquity, are a legacy of ancient wisdom, blending millenary herbal lore with spiritual tradition. Pure virgin olive oil is an excellent carrier for precious substances like myrrh, aloe, saffron, mint, rose of Sharon which are valued for their unique fragrances. Perfect as a spiritual gift or souvenir from the Holyland, Israel.

    bottle 30ml