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    Authors: Cindy Ruakere

    Karakia by Cindy Ruakere

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    The concept of Karakia is something indelibly deep and wide; a prayer, a chant, an incantation – loosing and binding, the thread that ties the things of heaven and the things of earth.

    As an album, Karakia has been specifically created to help re-entwine the people of Aotearoa into that thread, that connection between the land and her maker.

    This is our prayer. That you would once again delve deep and wide for the sake of this land. That you would find the lament that lies within her; the aching song of the people who sit in darkness waiting for the light.

    That you would connect with Yahweh, the one who’s name is as close and easy as a breath.

    That you would know that your prayers for your loved land are heard.

    That you would discover under all this land, within the earth, buried, but not forgotten, is a great, great calling bestowed upon this beautiful green isle at the bottom of the South Pacific.

    Lament, shout. Hope and pray. Most of all, let it be as the prophet said – the ends of the earth, praising Him.


    01 Yahweh part 1 - The Entry - Whakatauki
    02 Yahweh part 2 - The Cry - Bones
    03 Yahweh part 3 - The Meeting
    04 Yahweh part 4 - The Response
    05 Yahweh part 5 - The lament - He hears
    06 Yahweh part 6 - The response - The triumph - He has heard
    07 New Zealand National Anthem

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