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    Authors: Leigh Hatcher

    I'm Not Crazy I'm Just A Little Unwell

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    One day in January 1998, Leigh Hatcher lay down for a ten minute afternoon nap and woke two hours later feeling as if he'd been run over by a truck. Without warning, he'd plunged into a health crisis that was as devastating as it was mysterious.

    One of Australia's best-known television journalists vanished overnight from people's TV screens. He fell into a wilderness of pain, exhaustion and confustion that defied medical diagnosis. Finally, after a year, the verdict came in: chronc fatigue syndrome, or CFS. An illness that many said didn't really exist at all.

    In this passionate account, Leigh Hatcher describes the acute physical suffering and huge personal losses of his battle with chronic fatigue. He speaks frankly about the hurt and betrayal he felt when people questioned whether the illness was 'all in his mind'. He reveals the reserves of personal strength and faith that guided his way through the wilderness and taught him invaluable new lessons about life. And he details the thrilling discovery that unlocked his health once again.

    Leigh's story will bring comfort to all those suffering with CFS, and will show others how to accept, love, and support anyone who is wrestling with this 'multi-headed beast'.

    LEIGH HATCHER is one of Australia's most experienced radio and television journalists. He runs Omega Media, a media and publishing company, and works as a news presenter on Sky News Australia.