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    Authors: Baker Esther

    I Once Was a Buddhist Nun by Baker Esther

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    I Once Was a Buddhist Nun

    EAN: 9781844743841
    Suddenly I found myself, with my shaven head and dark-brown robe, running down to the traditional Anglican church in the nearby village ... I thought, 'I've got to talk to somebody, I've got to understand what's happening to me.'

    Esther Baker had been a Buddhist for over thirteen years. Her search for truth drove her up through the ranks of a Buddhist nun and deeper into a life of meditation and detachment from the world. But then, one day, alone in her room, the perfect shadow of a cross fell on her wall, and, unbidden, Christ began to enter her life. Would anything ever be the same again?

    Esther Baker has been a Christian for over seventeen years and is now employed by a missionary organization working with former Buddhists.


    'I highly recommend this book to all seekers of the truth and all who long to see if Jesus is real today.'

    Jackie Pullinger

    'Sometimes the best guides to discovering Jesus Christ are those who can articulate the darkness they have walked in and their revelation of the true light. Esther Baker is one such guide.'

    From the foreword by Andrew Comiskey

    'A simple and genuine story.'

    Martin Goldsmith

    'Esther's story is a beautiful one, an accounting of Christ's shepherding hand, as she is led out from under a deeply blinding idolatry and into his eternal life-giving light and tender love.'

    Leanne Payne





    1. Rock bottom

    2. Childhood, youth and student days

    3. Attraction to Buddhism

    4. Wanting to become a Buddhist nun

    5. ‘Narrow, boring Christians’

    6. Parents’ heartache

    7. Doubting Buddhism

    8. Choosing life

    9. Disrobing

    10. Leaving the temple

    11. Starting a new life

    12. A new door opens

    13. To Hong Kong

    14. The call to Thailand

    15. Life as a missionary in Thailand


    Prayers and pointers for taking things further


    Sometimes the best guides to discovering Jesus Christ are those who can articulate the darkness they have walked in and their revelation of the true Light.

    Esther Baker is one such guide. In recounting her earnest yet misdirected quest for truth as a Buddhist nun, Esther gently exposes the deception of Eastern mysticism; more than that, she reveals the unfailing love of God revealed to her in Christ.

    Esther’s profound conversion grants her that authority. In recounting her story, she manifests a fullness of grace and truth that invites us all to discover Jesus afresh. Whether or not our starting point is Buddhism makes no difference. Esther makes clear that Christ is the goal, one that all can attain. She convinces us that he comes to us, not through our strenuous religious effort, but through the power of his great obedience.

    His faithful love to her is his faithful love to each of us. I especially like the way Esther recounts the role that many different Christians played in her conversion. Each played a specific role in manifesting Jesus to her in a way that exposed the inadequacy of Buddhist tradition and in turn the fullness of Jesus.

    Let Esther’s story manifest Jesus afresh to you. Let the transforming love that changed her life beautifully do the same for you.

    Andrew Comiskey

    Author and Founder/Director of Desert Stream Ministries