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    Great Heroes and Legends of the Bible- The Last Supper, Crucifixtion, and Resurrection

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    PG Contains violence


    The story begins in darkness as the religious leaders in Jerusalem gather in a shadowy room, trying to decide what to do about a trouble-maker known as Jesus. Knowing that His days on earth are numbered, Jesus gathers His disciples together for The Last Supper, reassuring them that He will be with them in spirit.
    Jesus retires to a garden to pray, but is captured by soldiers before dawn, having been betrayed by Judas, one of His disciples. Within a short time He is crucified, but does not die- not in any meaningful sense. On the third day after His crucifixtion, He is resurrected, eventually fulfilling His destiny by ascending to Heaven.

    For more than 40 years, Charlton Heston has been captivating audiences with his thrilling portrayals of Biblical Heroes such as Moses, in The Ten Commandments. Now, sit back and relax as he shares with you and your family his passion for Biblical literature and his unique insights into these timeless stories of faith.