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    God's Global Mosaic: What We Can Learn from Christians Around the World by Paul-Gordon Chandler

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    Table of Contents:
    Acknowledgments Foreword by John R. W. Stott Introduction 1. A Deeper Dimension: Glimpsing His Majesty Through Eastern European Eyes 2. Keep on Keeping On: From the Forgotten Faithful in the Middle East 3. Celebrating Life: At Play in the Fields of the Lord in Latin America 4. Rediscovering Jesus Our Teacher: Christians from the Indian Subcontinent 5. An Invitation to Freedom: Africa's Experience of Liberation 6. Unboxing God: East Asia's Emphasis on the Surprises of God 7. Expatriates, Spiritually Speaking: Our Common "Crosscultural" Identity Notes

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    God's people around the world form a mosaic. Each piece of the picture is different but contributes to a beautiful portrait of who God is and what he is doing among his creation. As you learn from these many cultural expressions of Christianity, your own faith will be made more complete. Drawing from scriptural illustrations, Paul-Gordon Chandler highlights cultural themes and tells inspirational stories from believers around the world. Ranging from the streets of Hong Kong to the shores of a village in Guatemala, these stories illuminate each region's culture and history. You'll be drawn into the mystery of God with Christians in Eastern Europe. You'll learn perseverance from fellow believers in the Middle East. Latin American churches exuberantly share joy in Christ. And brothers and sisters in Africa, Asia and India also open their hearts to help you understand God from their point of view. As you begin to see God through the eyes of other Christians, new windows of devotion, encouragement and growth open. And you will see God--a God who is as big as the whole world--as you have never seen him before.