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    Authors: Ben Carson

    Gifted Hands by Ben Carson

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    Yet this black kiddo is now a famous Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins, a father of three, a great man followed by millions of people, and a living proof of God's almighty power!


     In "Gifted Hands", Dr. Carson tells how his third-grade educated mother raised him and his brother Curtis through poverty, and how God lead him into a promising medical field.


    An easy reading autobiography, highly recommend this book for all parents; and all people who want to crack out the shell to do their best in all!



    Selected quotes


    "Tears burned my eyes, but I refused to cry. I'd die before I let them know how they hurt me. Instead, I slapped a don't-care smile on my face and kept my eyes on my desk and the big round zero on the top of my test."


    "I can spell agriculture," I said to myself, "and I'll bet I can learn to spell any other word in the world. I'll bet I could learn to spell better than Bobby."


    "After less than a week on campus I discovered I wasn't that bright. All the students were bright; many of them extremely gifted and perceptive. Yale was a great leveler for me, because I now studied, worked, and lived with dozens of high-achieving students, and I didn't stand out among them. I kept silent, realizing that I ranked lower than every student sitting around me"


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    By Alice Tiankaizi Bi, Jan. 2006