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    Comparative Study Bible

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    Four popular translations in one convenient volume - NIV, King James Version, NASB Updated, and Amplified side-by-side.  A powerful resource for studying God's word.  Clear, easy-to-read print
    Passages and verses from the four versions are aligned in parallel columns on facing pages for ease of study. Each translation offers insight on different facets of meaning in the text, giving you the benefit of the work of different groups of scholars to help you understand and interpret the Bible for yourself. The Amplified Bible helps you take your study a step further, offering a format that gives you access to the shades of meaning in the original Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic.
    A valuable resource for gaining insight into scriptural truths, the Comparative Study Bible helps you compare translations at a glance and is an excellent resource for in-depth Bible study.
    Bringing New Meaning To Your Bible Study Features include: Each two-page spread contains a complete Scripture portion from these versions: New International Version King James Version New American Standard Bible, Updated Amplified Bible Double-column format 8-point type
    You don't have to take a Greek or Hebrew class to enjoy the benefits of understanding the nuances and meanings of biblical words and phrases. The Comparative Study Bible brings four popular translations together into one convenient volume. Featuring the bestselling New International version, the classic King James Version, the 1995 New American Standard Bible, Updated, and the Amplified Bible, this parallel Bible helps you compare and contrast the strengths of four of the most trusted translations. And the special features of the Amplified Bible help you unlock the original meaning of key words and phrases.
    When you want to study the Bible in depth, comparing different Bible translations helps you discover the different nuances of meaning in the text. The translation committees for each Bible version chose different ways of translating the original Scripture texts into English. By comparing them, you can get a more complete understanding of what the original writers intended without having to learn Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek. Emphasizing the importance of the words the original writers used, as well as their context, the Comparative Study Bible gives you access to translations that allow you to read the Bible without commentary, yet enables you to compare key words that expand on what the text is saying.

    Comparative Study Bible includes:
    New International Version: Today's bestselling translation, offering a unique combination of scholarly accuracy and easy readability. The balance of word-for-word and thought-for-thought approach to translation allows today's reader to better understand and apply the intended meaning of the original Bible writers in contemporary language. The NIV is today's most read, most trusted English translation.
    King James Version: The classic, word-for-word translation, beloved by Christians through the centuries for its dignity, poetic language and timeless truths. Nearly four hundred years after it first appeared, the language of the KJV is still vivid, powerful, and pleasurable to the ear.
    New American Standard Bible, Updated Edition: The most literal word-for-word English translation available, updated to provide greater clarity of meaning. Vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure have been carefully revised to improve readability. The 1995 version includes extensively revised notes with new information about the ancient manuscripts.
    Amplified Bible: Using a system of parentheses, italics, and brackets this precise word-for-word version captures more the meaning behind the original Greek and Hebrew. With the Amplified Bible, you don't need a scholarly background in the original languages to grasp the nuances and meanings of the text. Publishing in 1964 and updated in 1987, this popular version has helped thousands break through the language barrier and understand the hidden meaning of the original words.

    Hardcover ISBN-13: 9780310436768