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40 Hole Communion Tray

Beautifully crafted lightweight timber communion tray holds 40 communion cups.


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Brass Communion Tray by churchware

The Communion Tray holds up to 40 cups and when combined with the Communion Tray Base and Communion Tray Cover creates a beautiful set superbly crafted to give many years of...

$149.99     $142.99     Save $7.00

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Brass Communion Tray Cover by churchware

Brasstone aluminum has a permanent, polished finish due to an exclusive anodizing process. It never requires polishing and the beautiful finish matches other brass appointments....


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Communion Bread by Charis

Box of 1000 wafers in eight clean sealed tubes. Made with flour and water. 1-1/8 " Host white.


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Communion Bread pack of 500 by GI

Fantastic price Communion bread wafers Packed in bag of 500


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Communion Cups 1000 per box

Clear plastic. Disposable; can also be washed and reused. Standard size - fits all trays. 1-5/16" deep Box of 1000 cups

$44.99     $39.99     Save $5.00

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Communion Glasses box by Artistic

  Communion Glasses Pack of 20 Ideal for use with any of our communion trays. Crystal glass. 9 oz./per 20. 1 1/2 high.


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Communion glasses box of 20

OUR most popular glass made reusable communion cups. Packed in box of 20 Glass dimensions: Height 40mm x Top 32mm x Bottom 19mm Fits all communion trays that we sell....


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Communion Set - Travel by Artistic

This 4-cup set has a communion symbol gold-leafed on a maroon satin lining.  Set includes brasstone aluminum host box/bread tray, plastic leakproof bottle and 4...


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Communion Set - Travel by Artistic

• Six Glass Cups   • Black case  • White stain resistant lining with communion symbol • Server/container for bread • Sealable bottle for...


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Communion Wafers, box 1000 by Broadman and Holman

For churches who prefer to use a round wafer in the Communion service. Made of pure wheat flour and water, these white wafers measure 1 1/8" across (slightly larger than an...


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Deluxe Portable Communion Set [With Juice Container, Stainless Steel Bread Container and 6 Glass Communion Cups by B&H

The Deluxe Portable Communion Set , has a contemporary and stylish new, half circle carrying case with an elegant cross molded into the sturdy vinyl lid. The zipper is heavy...


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Fixed Lectern

Are light enough to be portable but heavy enough to be stable and if necessary can be dissembled into 4 pieces


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Glass Communion Cups (Box of 20) by Broadman & Holman

An eco-friendly option! Classic, tasteful and durable flared glass communion cups fit standard communion trays and measure 1.5" tall. Clean with the Communion Glass Washer for...


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Offering Bag

Red Velvet. Two-handled bag accented with solid-brass and wood-finished handles. Handmade velvet bag. Easy to handle-Oval top with large bag. Comes also in blue. Comes in box...


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Portable Communion Set – Deluxe with oil stock by Artistic

Deluxe set with oil stock. Gray glove leather-like. Plush maroon bottom liner. 20-Disposable cups with built-in holders for serving. Leak-proof bottle....


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Portable Communion Set 6 cup – Last Supper by Artistic

The white vinyl lining of this portable communion set is stain resistant and has the "Last Supper" elegantly gold-leafed inside the lid. The bread tray and juice bottle...


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