The Better Hour - the Legacy of William Wilberforce

The Better Hour - the Legacy of William Wilberforce -

A new documentary about William Wilberforce, subject of the film Amazing Grace .

The Better Hour is the story of a man who, inspired by faith, used his political and social influence to change the world for the better. At the beginning of the 19th century, almost a third of the British economy depended on the trade of human beings. William Wilberforce was determined to end this horrific practice, by persuading both Parliament and British society to abolish slavery in the British Empire.

Once, everyone knew the name William Wilberforce. Frederick Douglas said, "Let no man forget the name of William Wilberforce." A quarter century after Wilberforce's death, Abraham Lincoln said, "Every school boy knows the name of William Wilberforce."  Yet "few Americans today understand why, or even know Wilberforce's name," explains The Better Hour executive producer Cullen Schippe.

Shot in high definition, "The Better Hour: The Legacy Of William Wilberforce" is an engaging documentary, rich with content and commentary, that can inspire people with the remarkable story of William Wilberforce. He used his position as a British parliamentarian to launch 69 organizations for the betterment of society and end the trans-Atlantic slave trade­­­­--a business that was key to the country's economic strength.

The film focuses on a politician who, over time, developed strength of character in the service of high and seemingly unattainable goals. This film highlights William Wilberforce's drive and love for humanity and reveals how he and his colleagues worked tirelessly to end the slave trade, even as it represented a large portion of the British economy. In Wilberforce, we see character and a sense of justice for all join together to bring into the world what the English poet William Cowper described as "the better hour."

"This film does an outstanding job of bringing into sharp focus how the passion, persistence and actions of one man changed the course of history and worked to rid the world of the great evil of trafficking in human life," says Marshall Mitchell, Vice Chancellor of Wilberforce University, the oldest private historic black college in the United States.

Narrated by African-American actor Avery Brooks, the film features interviews with leading authors, historians and public figures from both the U.K. and the United States, including former U.S. Congressman, Rev. Floyd Flake, who is now president of Wilberforce University.  The film was funded by the John Templeton Foundation and produced by TWC films.

Runtime 60 minutes

Rated PG

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