All Roads Lead Home

All Roads Lead Home -

Belle (Vivien Cardone), an animal loving 12-year old, becomes sullen and withdrawn after her mother's death in an automobile accident. Rebelling against her father (Jason London), she is sent to live at the horse farm of her gruff maternal grandfather (Peter Coyote). With the help of the animals, Belle's work on the farm transforms the entire family. Life and death take on new meaning as the family makes some tough choices involving compassion, trust, and letting go of the past in order to find hope in the future.

Additional Information

Title All Roads Lead Home
Catalogue Number EAG2311
Video Aspect 4:3 Fullscreen
Audio Format Dolby AC3 Stereo
Director Dennis Fallon
DVD Region REGION 4 PAL - This DVD will only play in Australian/NZ DVD Players
Film Production Year 2008
Genre Family, Adventure
Language English
Number of Discs 1
Product Type DVD
Ratings PG
Release Date 25/08/2009
Running Time 112 mins
UPC/Barcode 9327031009262
Rating: PG

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