Visitation -

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Best-selling author Frank Peretti's latest warfare thriller comes to DVD!

The true face of terror is revealed in this supernatural thriller based on Frank Peretti's best-selling novel. Miracles are happening in the sleepy town of Antioch, and everyone is talking about the mysterious drifter with the incredible powers. But who is this charismatic stranger -- the true Messiah, a false prophet or something far more sinister? The townspeople are soon divided, and when happenings at the stranger's revival tent take on a bizarre and frightening twist, it's up to an ex-minister to confront his own inner demons and unlock the shocking secret of THE VISITATION.

MPAA Rating: PG-13 (due to spiritual warfare content, we do NOT recommend this film for children under the age of 13)

Length/Run Time: 103 minutes

Rated: M-VH

M Contains violence and horror.

Author: Frank Peretti book inspired

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