Trinity Goodheart

Trinity Goodheart -


Twelve year old Trinity Goodheart (Erica Gluck from “The Game”) is a smart, independent young girl raised by her single father, Jeremy (Eric Benét; Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter) a free-spirited musician. Trinity’s only real family is her father and her friend and confidant Mr Kwon (James Hong from “Kung Fu Panda” and “Zoey 101”), who owns the neighbourhood deli and bookstore. After a visit from an angel, Trinity is determined to find her estranged mother and sets out on a mission to reunite her fractured family. Without her father’s permission, she reaches out to her grandparents in hope of finding answers. She attempts to use her charm to convince her family to set aside their differences and come together to bring her mother home. When Trinity’s plan fails, she packs her bags and sets out to find her mother on her own. Trinity’s adventures ultimately help the families learn the value of love, faith and forgiveness.

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