Deceived -

Deep in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, a powerful and mysterious signal with the potential to shape the destiny of millions is discovered to be emanating from beyond earth. A Christian finds the truth¡Kbut can she affect those in control and will she be a testimony to the grace of God in the midst of apparently overwhelming chaos?

From the Director of Deceived, Andre van Heerden:
"It's going to be very interesting to see how people react to Deceived. It's definitely dark and suspenseful like Revelation, but it's also edgier and more intense. While Revelation may hold the audience's interest because of its central mystery, Deceived holds it because of the characters. There is a mystery to the picture, as well as elements of romance, comedy, and horror; but the characters are what are so intriguing. Since the characters take the audience through the entire story, and those characters become so familiar to us, I think many people are going to be drawn into the tale more than any other film we've done."


Languages: English

Length/Run Time: 99 Min.

Produced By: Nicholas D. Tabarrok

Directed By: Andre Van Heerden

NZ Rating: M

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