Mercy Streets

Mercy Streets -

"Mercy Streets" is the story of estranged twin brothers, John, a con man, and Jeremiah, a preacher, who are forced to switch lives. Out of this simple switch come repressed feelings of guilt and hate that change their lives forever.

Recently released from prison, John is looking to make a new start. Plagued by his past and uncertain about his future, he attempts to raise the necessary capital for a business venture by agreeing to pull one last job along side his old mentor, Rome. But John's deliberate attempt to double cross Rome sends him on the run, so he cunningly steps into the calm suburban life of his twin brother Jeremiah and turns his seemingly perfect life upside down.

Jeremiah, a respected deacon reluctantly awaiting his confirmation as an ordained minister, is taken hostage by Rome and, haunted by the guilt of what he believes to be his brother's death, is blackmailed into participating in a counterfeiting scam. However, Rome's simple plan begins to go horribly wrong when Jeremiah escapes and comes face-to-face with the brother he thought was dead.

Unable to escape this predicament, the brothers turn to each other, only to harshly discover that they cannot turn away from the consequences of their actions or the love and forgiveness of God.


Rating M

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