BibleForce: The First Heroes Bible by Thomas Nelson

BibleForce: The First Heroes Bible -

Dive into the action and adventure of the Bible!

BibleForce will help you and your children discover the message

of the Bible and the heroes within its pages.

The focus on Bible heroes makes the stories even more thrilling.


This beautifully illustrated Full Colour Bible is retold in a visually enticing,

fast-paced narrative that is sure to capture your attention.

BibleForce follows the events of the Bible in chronological order

and shares nearly 200 stories of Scripture in a simple, straightforward retelling.


BibleForce is a great book to be read together and is simple enough for young

readers to read on their own. Kids will be enthralled in the thrilling drama

of the Bible and the visually engaging detail of the illustrations -

they won’t be able to put down this exciting book. Jump into the story of

God’s Word and the amazing heroes within its pages.

Author: Thomas Nelson

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