Tarore and Her Book by Joy Cowley

Tarore and Her Book -

Great NZ story, awesome for any school.
Early NZ story
A young girl murdered.  A devastated father refusing to seek revenge.  A murderer transformed through the Gospel he stole from his victim.  Then forgiveness given and peace achieved! 

No, it’s not a Hollywood blockbuster!  It’s the true story of a Maori girl named Tarore, the events surrounding her death and the impact her death had upon the Maori people of Aotearoa/New Zealand.

It’s a story of how God brought about His purposes amongst the Maori tribes of this nation.

It’s the story of how Maori with only one copy of the Gospel of Luke became evangelists to their own people.  

It’s the story of how the first European missionary arrived on the Kapiti coast to find churches planted and Maori worshipping using fragments of the Maori Prayer Book.

It’s a story of how the first Bishop of New Zealand travelled to the South Island to find many tribes that already knew Jesus Christ. 

It’s a story that will captivate you, as you read how God unfolded His plans for this nation.

And it’s a story that’s still a part of God’s plan for New Zealand.

Author: Joy Cowley

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