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    Authors: Chuck Missler

    Book of Mark MP 3 by Chuck Missler

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    ‘Quiet on the set and…Action!’ The Gospel of Mark reads like a shooting script, taking us from one encounter to another. It is commonly thought that Mark is writing this gospel for Peter and that Mark’s house was the location for the first church. This rich gospel gives us a perspective unique from the others and seems to fit with Peter’s action-oriented personality.

    • This MP3 CD-ROM is self-contained and includes:
      • Over 20 hours of Verse-by-Verse audio teaching through the Gospel of Mark as MP3 files.
      • Extensive searchable study notes as PDF files.
      • A special message from Chuck Missler.
      • Listings of other MP3 resources.
      • Real® Player and Real® Juke Box.
        This program will play MP3 audio files.
      • Adobe Acrobat® Reader.
        This program will read the PDF notes.

    This CD-ROM contains the following audio files:

    • Mark Chapter 1  Introduction. The meaning of Baptism. Jesus heals a leper.
    • Mark Chapter 2 – Raising the roof. Healing. Fasting. Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath.
    • Mark Chapter 3 – Jesus chooses the Twelve. Beelzebub.
    • Mark Chapter 4 – Why parables? Jesus calms the storm.
    • Mark Chapter 5 – The case of the deviled ham. Raising Jairus’ daughter. Woman with issue of blood.
    • Mark Chapter 6 – The mission of the Twelve. Feeding the five thousand.
    • Mark Chapter 7 – God’s command or man’s tradition? Evil comes from the heart.
    • Mark Chapter 8 – Peter’s declaration. Jesus predicts his death and resurrection.
    • Mark Chapter 9 – The transfiguration. The greatness of humility. Entrapments.
    • Mark Chapter 10 – Divorce. The first shall be last. The poor become rich.
    • Mark Chapter 11 – The triumphal entry. Cursed fig tree. A lesson on prayer.
    • Mark Chapter 12 – Money talks. Priorities. Money reveals. A question of authority.
    • Mark Chapter 13 – Jesus’ confidential briefing. The last days. The second coming.
    • Mark Chapter 14 – In Bethany. The Upper Room. The Garden. The Palace.
    • Mark Chapter 15 – The trials. Jesus is crucified. The Garden Tomb.
    • Mark Chapter 16 – Jesus is risen. Jesus appears to Mary. The last 12 verses of Mark.