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    Authors: Chuck Missler

    Book of Luke MP 3 by Chuck Missler

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    For many, the Gospel according to ‘the Beloved Physician’ is the most readable and complete account of the life of Christ. Known for its historical detail and precision, Luke was chosen by the Holy Spirit to communicate the Gospel to an educated and technological culture. The evidences of the truly ‘human’ nature of Jesus Christ are littered throughout this treatise.

    • Over 28 hours of Verse-by-Verse audio teaching through the book of Luke as MP3 files.
    • Extensive searchable study notes as PDF files.


    • Chapter 1: Introduction. Birth of John the Baptist. Annunciation of Messiah.
    • Chapter 2: The Child and the Mosaic Law. The Years of Growth.
    • Chapter 3: Ministry of John the Baptist. Baptism of Jesus. Genealogy of Christ.
    • Chapter 4: The Temptation of Christ. The Demoniac.
    • Chapter 5: Jesus’ Mandate. Jesus’ Fame Spreads.
    • Chapter 6: Jesus Challenges Sabbath ‘Law’
    • Chapter 7: Jesus’ Ministry in Capernaum. Jesus’ Responses to Faith, Despair, Doubt, Love.
    • Chapter 8: Why Parables? The Significance of Hems.
    • Chapter 9: The Twelve Disciples Sent. The Feeding of the 5,000. Jesus Identity and Mission. The Transfiguration.
    • Chapter 10: The Good Samaritan. The visit in Bethany.
    • Chapter 11: Jesus Instructs on: Prayer; Satan; Spiritual Opportunity; Hypocrisy.
    • Chapter 12: The Tyranny of Worry. The Call to Diligence.
    • Chapter 13: Paradox Resolution. The Way of the Righteous is Narrow.
    • Chapter 14: Jesus Exposes Falsehoods: Popularity, Hospitality, Security. The Distinctions Between Salvation and Discipleship.
    • Chapter 15: The Lost Sheep. The Lost Coin. The Prodigal Son.
    • Chapter 16: Stewardship. The Rich man and Lazarus. Contrasting Hades, Sheol, Gehenna, Tartarus, Abousso.
    • Chapter 17: Predestination or Free Will. Revisit Paradox Resolution.
    • Chapter 18: Persistence in Prayer. The Dangers in Self-Esteem. The Hindrance of Wealth. The Coming Climax.
    • Chapter 19: Zacchaeus’ Response. The Triumphal Entry.
    • Chapter 20: Jesus Approaches His Climax in Jerusalem. Citizenship Obligations.
    • Chapter 21: Olivet Discourse. The Future of the Nation Israel. The Destruction of the Temple. Responsibilities of Believers.
    • Chapter 22: Judas Betrays Jesus. The Final Passover. Jesus’ Plea in the Garden. Legal Irregularities.
    • Chapter 23: Jesus and Pilate. The Crucifixion. A New Testament Acrostic? Jesus and the Father. Jesus’ Burial. The Cities of Refuge.
    • Chapter 24: The Resurrection! The Road to Emmaus.