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    Authors: Joyce Meyer

    Battlefield Of The Mind For Teens by Joyce Meyer

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    BATTLEFIELD OF THE MIND FOR TEENS takes an honest look at what teenagers face every day- peer pressure, expectations for your future, the struggle for independence. With solid research, interviews with young people like you, and no-nonsense, biblically based advice, Joyce Meyer gives you the ammo you need to make your brain a clean, mean, fighting machine.

    There's no getting around the fact that the world is sometimes a difficult place. Joyce Meyer wants to make sure you win the battle for your brain- and she wants you to win big. So crack open this book and let the battle begin...

    Paperback: 153 pages (20.3 x13.2 x 1.1 cm)


    Part 1-It's All About the Mind
    1 This Is Your Mind... This Is Your Mind in a Battle
    2 John, Mary, and the Blended Family That Doesn't Wanna Blend
    3 Just Who Do You Think You Are?
    4 Perseverance = Payoff
    5 The Power of the Positive
    6 Don't Let Satan Put Your Mind in a Bind
    7 Think About What You're Thinking About

    Part 2- How's Your Head?
    8 Is My Mind Normal, or What?
    9 Oh, Where Has My Mind Run Off to This Time?

    Part 3- Six States You Do Not Want to Live In
    10 The State of Confusion
    11 The States of Doubt and Unbelief
    12 The State of Worry
    13 The State of Judgment
    14 The State of Passivity

    Part 4- Unheavenly Head-Spaces
    Unheavenly Head-Space #1 "I don't wanna take responsibility for my spiritualit- isn't that what we have pastors and parents for?"
    Unheavenly Head-Space #2 "My future is determined by my past and my present."
    Unheavenly Head-Space #3 "It's my way or the highway."
    Unheavenly Head-Space #4 "Life is too hard for me to take- can't God make it easier?"
    Unheavenly Head-Space #5 "Life is so unfair- doesn't that gives me the right to complain?"
    Unheavenly Head-Space #6 "My behavior might be wrong- but it's not my fault."
    Unheavenly Head-Space #7 I have a right to feel sorry for myself- my life stinks!"
    Unheavenly Head-Space #8 "I'm not a very good person, so I don't deserve God's blessings."
    Unheavenly Head-Space #9 "Why shouldn't I be jealous? Most of the people I know are better off than I am!"


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